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True global outreach: synergizing hundreds of transnational companies!

The ANGCC Global Investment Consortium entails more than 200 transnational companies, organizations, conglomerates, associations spanning financial, banking, investment, industrial, EPC engineering and asset management structures. The consortium plays an active role in 23 countries (G8, G20) and is based in 80+ nations at the highest levels (covering Africa – Asia – EuroasiaCIS – BRICS – Apec zone – Stan areas – Obor zone – Menasa – GCC- East Europe).


Transforming lives through mega socio-economic development projects

ANGCC Global Investment Consortium focuses on investment programs via regulated entities, Global Trust Fund of Fund (GTF) and Global Trust Banking (GTB) models applied in PPP’s with the participation of national governments. Deemed equity supports subsidization of social reforms covering social housing, education, healthcare, ecology and national industrialization, among others. The consortium is committed to the noble cause of transforming lives in developing economies across the globe.


Introduction To Consortium Network & Partners

The Consortium Network & Partners form part of a group of reputed transnational organizations investing in multiple projects across developing economies, the founder member being ALRAI Group of companies.

The ALRAI Group of Companies is a UK Federation grouping formed in 2006 consisting of a number of specialist companies and Joint Ventures, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines. It boasts of an order book in hand to the tune of approximately EUR 50 billion. The Group is always a majority owner (>51%) in each investment. Alrai Limited functions as a project originator and co-ordinator for the Alrai Group.

Network partners: Additionally, there are several network partners for the Consortium. Although all these partners are prolific and invaluable in their contribution in the wide network, some of the key ones include the ANGCC Funds, Fund Management Group and Linear Investments Ltd.

The ANGCC Funds are multi-manager funds hosting a portfolio of FX, equities and Fixed Income trading strategies utilizing a portfolio of sub-advisors. The strategy is designed to generate absolute returns in all market scenarios by providing national allocations to sub-advisors. Obviously, the primary objective is to preserve capital and achieve risk-adjusted returns by utilizing a structure that requires each sub-advisor to participate in supporting the business in order to achieve profitable returns on the investments. This facilitates the funds to create a diversified portfolio of sub-advisors that generate consistent returns while achieving a favourable and dynamic return for all the investors. 

Fund Management Group (FMG) is a pioneer as well as a specialist in emerging and frontier marketing investments. It uses both the multi and the single-managed approach to diversify investment risks. FMG was founded in 1989 in Stamford, CT. USA as a company marketing the hedge fund legends of that period, such as George Soros and Michael Steinhardt, among others. The group launched multiple emerging market funds to its dynamic portfolio over the next decade.

In 2008, FMG redomiciled the company and funds to Europe, namely Malta. FMG Headquarter is a full-scope AIFMD compliant Manager in charge of multiple SICAVs; FMG SICAV, Comino SICAV and a SICAV being set up in Luxembourg. As of April 2020, FMG is also the successful manager of a RICC fund, making it a total of 11 top funds under the aegis of its management. The Group includes privately-held investment management companies based in Malta and Bermuda. It offers its clientele (primarily retail investors and high net-worth individuals from across the world) invaluable experience, disciplined risk management and dynamic investment solutions.

Services of FMG: Proprietary funds – External Asset Management – Distribution
Platform Services Products offered by FMG: FMG funds and The Fund House 

China National Corporation for Overseas Economic Cooperation (CCOEC), founded in 1965 with the approval of the State Council, is one of the earliest key integrated state-owned enterprises engaged in international economic cooperation and foreign economic aid. In 1998, CCOEC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Co. Ltd.

China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) is one of the world’s leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment, headquartered in Shenzhen of China. CIMC is dedicated to supplying high-quality and reliable equipment and services, including containers, vehicles, energy, chemical and food equipment, offshore, logistics services, airport facilities, etc. The prosperity of the businesses is supported by both CIMC Finance Co., Ltd. that provides professional capital management and by CIMC Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. that offers financial solutions.

Linear Investments Ltd. is a specialist award-winning prime broker and discretionary fund manager based in London and Hamburg. The company’s integrated platform solution brings all the skills, expertise and solutions that you require vis-a-vis investments, all under one roof. Linear’s core services are aimed to offer its clients with the most efficient and cost-effective service available in the global market. Its investment policy is centered around providing top-notch service that can translate investment objectives into carefully-designed portfolios, specially constructed in line with risk profiles. Whether you are a hedge fund manager, trader or broker, the group’s team of specialists ensure you receive the best market solutions from this dynamic and highly respected company.

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